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Shouldn’t your support items be of the same quality and effectiveness as your products? Shouldn’t they work for you, not just cost you? Are your repair manuals and parts catalogs effective? Do customers have the latest product information? Can they easily order parts and perform recommended service? Can your sales and service departments use them as a tool to demonstrate your commitment to product support and address in-service questions? MRA Services, Inc. is dedicated to supporting the manual and training issues that you would rather not have to deal with. You are experts in the design, manufacture, and delivery of a product – let us satisfy the need and obligation you have in supporting them.


MRA has over thirty years of experience supporting manufacturers. Our extensive experience provides unique advantages to companies looking to significantly expand their market share. Our data management tools, technical manuals, parts catalogs and related support items and services target today’s demands for reliability and cost-effective maintenance. Our Product Support Network interface© can provide easy, up-to-date, immediate access to all product information - regardless of the source document and adapted to any application - internal or external.


Demonstrate your total commitment to your customers by providing them with immediate access to current product information. Make it easy for them to service the products you have delivered, to order replacement parts and to place new orders! As the customer sees you are providing better product support - you see increased sales… MRA’s support services begin when you are bidding a project. We analyze the specifications and requirements for manuals and training in advance and provide you with wording and budgetary pricing that can be include in your proposal – assuring you are covered when you win the project!


On a typical project, MRA will perform the following tasks:

  1. Assist client during bid phase. Review contract requirements for manuals & training, prepare budgetary estimate and write up for your proposal.
  2. Establish acceptance criteria with end user (carbuilder or transit authority) prior to development of documentation and training program.
  3. Gather and process data to support development of documentation.
  4. Develop Draft Manuals and submit to customer for review and approval.
  5. Incorporate / resolve any customer comments and submit draft to your Customer.
  6. Address any Customer, Authority or consultant comments, correct / resolve and resubmit.
  7. Manage entire product support program throughout life of project.
  8. Issue updates to final documentation throughout warranty (or beyond, as required by contract)
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