Rail Vehicle Manufactures


MRA Services, Inc., has built a solid reputation in providing high-quality, reliable technical documentation and related products and services to the passenger transit industry. MRA's primary focus is on support systems in procurements of light rail and heavy rail passenger vehicles to meet the growing demands of the mass transit sector.

Today, nearly all transit procurements require product support: maintenance planning, technical documentation, data management, training, etc. MRA has developed strategic partnerships with other professionals and organizations to provide a broad array of technical support solutions, so you can focus on delivering your product.


On a typical project, MRA will perform the following tasks:

  1. Assist client during bid phase.
  2. Review contract requirements for manuals & training, prepare budgetary estimate and write up for your proposal.
  3. Provide requirements to include in vendor contracts.
  4. Establish acceptance criteria with end user (transit authority) prior to development of documentation and training program.
  5. Issue requirements for manual and training to all system suppliers.
  6. Gather and process data to support development of carbuilder and vendor documentation.
  7. Develop Manuals and submit to customer for review and approval.
  8. Incorporate / resolve any customer comments and submit draft to your Customer.
  9. Address any Customer, Authority or consultant comments, correct / resolve and resubmit.
  10. Manage entire product support program throughout life of project.
  11. Issue updates to final documentation throughout warranty or beyond (per contract).
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Our goal is to produce manuals and training materials that compliment the products you deliver; delivering technical support that reflects the innovation and quality of your products. The commitment and investment you make in better product support increases your marketability in the transit industry. Today’s vehicle procurement specifications are more demanding than ever; MRA offers the effective response you need to successfully meet these requirements. From spec analysis through final delivery, our years of industry knowledge, expertise, and experience are at your disposal – giving you the edge over your competition.


MRA looks forward to the possibility of supporting you on your current or future rail projects. Our expertise in the management, development and delivery of technical support services can help make each project successful and profitable.