MRA - More Than Manuals!

MRA Services provides comprehensive product support systems to rail vehicle manufacturers and system suppliers, with a primary focus on satisfying the complex support requirements found in light and heavy rail vehicle procurements. Our services include complete project management to assure timely analysis, development validation, and delivery of all contract items, and support through end of warranty.


Full System Support from start to finish.

Our dedication is to produce and deliver documents, training and technical support that complement the innovation and quality of your products. The commitment and investment you make in quality product support increases your marketability in the transit industry.

  1. RFP analysis and cost-effective recommendations
  2. System Support Plan Development
  3. Supplier Management for all required activities
  4. Development of compliant, validated documentation
  5. Training: Plan and course development, coordination and presentation
  6. Warranty period revision service
  7. On-Site field modification services
  8. Guaranteed acceptance of our specified services